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Product Spotlight – Careflex SmartSeat Pro

News 14th March 2018

Careflex SmartSeat Pro is a specialist seating solution designed for those in need of postural support and control from a chair. Our SmartSeat Pro can easily be adjusted in order to correct a position into mid-line or accommodate an asymmetric posture. It tends to be very flexible ensuring that any posture type and support can be easily changed for each person’s needs and can be adjusted over time to meet a changing postural need.

This chair’s one-of-a-kind posture seating system is great for those affected by complicated postural positions and users who are at higher risk levels of developing pressure sores – especially multiple sclerosis patients, those suffering from cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and scoliosis. This seat can be used at home, in specialist rehab wards, in brain and spinal treatment centres and specialist neurological departments.

The SmartSeat Pro’s flexibility level comes from its four-part backrest to make sure that you can configure it specifically to the user’s needs. This can provide control and stability to areas such as the pelvis, the trunk and the head. The changeable backrest comes with three upper backrest units that can each be changed in depth, height, rotation and angle. Each of the elements has modifiable wings that you can position separately to create bespoke positioning. This specialist seating solution is ideal for anyone suffering from conditions such as MS, MND, and stroke and/or head injuries.

Changing postural needs is where the Smartseat Pro comes into its own – the range of adjustment to meet these changing needs is huge. With minimal parts and cost required, the Smartseat can be set up to support in a different way based on the clinical needs of the end user.

The key features of the Careflex SmartSeat Pro include:

• Seat depth, seat width, back height and footplate all adjustable without the need of extra parts
• Backrest can accommodate asymmetric back shapes and profiles
• Can be set up for many users – great for multi-user environments
• Can accommodate scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis
• Integral Watercell® technology pressure relief as standard
• Full needs assessment carried out
• Range of colours available for the model
• Tilt in space and back angle adjustment

Careflex SmartSeat Pro Size Options

The seat comes in two size options, namely:

• The small- this has a width of between 28 and 40 cm with three possible heights; 45, 48 and 51 cm. It can accommodate a weight of 100kg.

• The middle size seat comes with a width of between 38 and 50 cm and heights of 54, 57 and 60 cm. The maximum weight it can carry is 160kg.


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