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Product Spotlight: the Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

News 21st June 2018
Product Spotlight: the Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

The Careflex Hydrotilt Chair is fast becoming a popular choice for both patients and healthcare professionals. Designed with both of them in mind, the Express Range chair offers a wide range of configurations, comfort and pressure care management options.

Caregivers find our chairs easy to move, manage, clean, and maintain, while the user’s every need can be accommodated to deliver maximum pressure care, effective posture and easy transfers.

Health facilities managers love our lifetime warranty: Our Hydrotilt chairs are designed to provide a superb return on investment. We also offer accessories and replacement parts for all our chairs.


Free Movement and Total Configurability

The Hydrotilt offers a “Tilt in Space” method of moving the chair’s angle. This is achieved in one movement. It does not need someone to adjust multiple levers, thereby making it both easy and quick. The user can remain seated and neither the hip angle nor knee angles are changed during the tilting movement.

To ensure the user’s pelvis is against the backrest, the length of the seat is also adjustable. The Hydrotilt also offers an elevating leg rest that can be locked at any angle. The footrest angle is also changeable.  All these adjustments are to ensure we are maximising body contact on the chair, therefore to spread the body’s pressure through the biggest surface area to reduce the risk of pressure sores.


A tool for pressure management – adjustable and simple

Once the chair has been set up for the user, the tilt in space action is an additional feature offering care staff the tools to further increase the level of care for pressure care and skin care.  It is recommended that the chair is regularly tilted a few degrees during the sitting period, forward and backwards – this provides a change in pressure distribution for the user. The further back the tilt angle is, the less pressure is being put through the buttocks – it is being spread through other parts of the body.

Designed with a multi-user environment in mind, the chair is reconfigured for the next user in mere seconds. There are both manual and electrical models available, although the design of the chair allows any support person to make adjustments easily.


Specialist Seating

Easy to move, handle and manage, the chair also needs to be comfortable.

By using our patented water cell technology, and combination of foams, the integral pressure care, which comes as standard in the Hydrotilt, is a very effective system for pressure care. The upholstery is another high technology solution. It is both hard-wearing and comfortable, due to the 4 direction stretch properties. It is easy to clean, replace, and disinfect, and at the same time, it offers a vapour permeable material that stops the build-up of moisture.


Careflex Hydrotilt Chair Review

Users in care facilities often ask if they can get a Hydrotilt at home. No matter if you need one at home or you need them for a healthcare solution, our chairs tick all the boxes.

Easy to use, no restrictions on position, patented high-tech materials, and a lifetime warranty, all combine to create specialist seating for both health and comfort.

For more accredited advice and information, please read our website, watch the video, or  contact us and request a demonstration.