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Kirton Duo

Kirton Duo

Key features
Removal arms for more comfortable side transfers
Height adjustable armrests
Integral head support
Option of legrest backrest to achieve a 25 degree negative legrest angle for users who have restricted leg movement
Pressure care options
Available in a range of seat widths
Space and legrest elevation
Electrically powered/ manual action
Adjustable seat depth
Depth seat width arm height
Armrest height
Flat seat board upon
Backrest height
Split-wing headrest for precise positioning
Adjustable headrest
Removable arms for side transfer access
Available with a waterfall or sculpted backrest
Arcing leg rest without compromising footboard position
The Kirton Duo Chair has easy to use handset on regulated motion and powered models
Tool-free lever and spring-clip adjustments
The Kirton Duo Chair has featured a Back Angle Recline
tilt-in-space positioning
Leg rest elevation
Arcing legrest without compromising footboard
You can adjust the length, width and the height of the seat
Available in three sizes - duo major, duo minor and duo mini
Maintains footboard positioning
Simple tool-free adjustments
Removable arms
Adjustable headrest for the best head positioning
Description The Duo is a highly supportive chair and pressure relieving seat, focused on postural support. The dynamic features of the Duo enable it to accommodate the changing needs of the individual whilst providing excellent postural control and comfort. This high-performance chair ensures that the core principles of seating are met combined with key features in the headrest angle adjustment, back angle recline, and leg rest elevation to create an extraordinarily supportive and therefore comfortable seating solution. With the added benefit of the optional levels of pressure care, the Duo offers a very effective solution. Alternatively, the client can integrate their existing pressure-relieving cushion directly with the chair.
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The Kirton Duo chair comes with a range of adjustability options to ensure that the primary principles of seating systems, such as back and arm height, appropriate seat height, and depth, are achieved. Moreover, the chair comes with the option to adjust the headrest to whatever angle you like, leg rest elevation, tilt-in-space to ensure that the user gets the best comfortable experience.

Suppose your patient is at significant risk or already has the Grade IV pressure injury. In that case, you can integrate pressure relief, as well as the Intelligent Air Integral Cushion into the duo. That’s not all, the duo allows users to put their pressure cushion in their seat, or best make it flat to enable it to be used effectively.

If you are a non-ambulant user; one with pressure and extreme posture needs, the seat will be a good fit for you. The range of features that come with this Kirton chair makes it easy for users who are at risk of developing postural issues, risk of developing an unconventional body shape to find the best positions, as well as better manage their posture. This Kirton Duo is available in three sizes - duo major, duo minor and duo mini to ensure that it meets the needs of every user. The Kirton chair also features regulation motion to allow for an automatic tilt between 10 and 25 degrees.

The Kirton Duo chair was designed with those who can’t maintain a midline position in mind. With the dynamic features that this chair comes with, individuals with midline positioning issues shouldn’t worry about anything. This chair is one of the best things that ever happened since sliced bread. Whether you are an occupational therapist or need the Duo chair to make yourself comfortable or want it to manage postural problems for one of your patients, this chair will suit your needs.

The best of all is that this chair can be used in different environmental settings - at home for domestic use, or in the hospital for medical use.


  • Lateral supports
  • Leg-Laterals
  • Universal Mobile Tray
  • Legrest bracket
  • Pelvic Positioners
  • Foot Sandals
  • Ankle Huggers
  • Lap-Belt
  • Flat seat board
  • Pommel

General Use

  • For domestic home use
  • Positioning and postural management
  • For hospital use
  • For individuals who are likely to developing an unconventional body shape
  • For individuals with postural problems

Seat Width range: 350-550mm (Major) 300-450 (Minor)

Safe Working Load: 160kg/ 25 Stone

Who is the Duo For?

  • Non-Ambulant or Semi Ambulant
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Stroke
  • Dementia
  • Motor Neurone
  • Spinal Injury
  • Postural Management

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