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The Felgains FormAL Express Range

News 31st May 2018
Express Range - Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

Utilising more than 30 years of experience with the NHS and healthcare professionals, we are a premium supplier of posture and pressure care products and seating solutions. Our dedicated team work with care professionals, patients and family members to ensure the right seating solution and enhance quality of life for users of their specialist seating. This includes providing a personalised needs assessment undertaken by a specialist seating advisor and the installation of a seating solution within a short turnaround time.

Are You in a Hurry?

Situations will often arise where an immediate seating solution is the only option for a patient or family member, we have just the range to cover this eventuality with our Express Service. Following an order being placed the item will be ready for dispatch within just 5 days after a personalised needs assessment has been carried out.

We do not stint on items available in our 5 day delivery service range, and a huge amount of choice is available to meet the diverse needs of those who require quality specialist seating only with our grey vinyl chairs, see our seating options below:

Align 3 Chair: an adjustable chair suitable for the needs of many different types of users with mechanisms to alter seat depth and a mobility base allowing for hoist access supporting manual handling processes. This model is a cost-effective option that has been designed for multi-user environments.

Kirton Florien II Chair: a popular, entry level model in the healthcare market with a robust and effective seating system that promotes posture and facilitates greater independence in the user. The design also features a unique, negative forward tilt that provides easier standing transfers, and there is an optional intelligel to seat model that provides high level pressure care.

Careflex HydroTilt Chair: this model has a WaterCell Technology System and is particularly effective for pressure care needs and has a tilt-in-space mechanism and multiple adjustments can be made to seat width and depth. The chair is perfect for multi-use settings and the modular design enables the chair to be stripped down to facilitate hygiene and infection control.

Careflex SmartSeat Pro Chair: a modular design with facilities for multiple adjustments and suitable for users with complex needs including those related to posture and pressure care. The design assists healthcare professionals in offering maximum adaptability for clients to ensure the best possible care is provided. The chair can be adjusted using a four part backrest and will support a number of postural asymmetries and align head and trunk as well as providing pelvic stability. Users include those with dementia, neurological conditions, strokes and head and spinal cord injuries.


Whether you need a quick seating solution for a loved one, or are a healthcare professional wishing to provide your patient with optimal care, the Express Delivery Service can provide the perfect 5 day delivery service option. Contact Felgains Formal today to discuss your requirements or request a brochure today.


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