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Do you know a loved one who struggles with sitting comfortably?


Being comfortable when we rest is something that we largely take for granted when we’re young. We don’t really think about it. But research shows that nearly 5 million people aged 65 and over in the UK are in some degree of pain or discomfort. It affects quality of life and happiness levels for the suffer as well as all those who care for them.

As we grow older and more infirm, it can become increasingly difficult to find a position that allows us to feel comfy, or even relaxed while sitting. Often, the mere act of moving between standing and sitting – and the reverse – is beyond us. And yet, as age creeps with its attendant infirmities, we find ourselves sitting more and more. Finding ways to overcome this catch-22 situation can be essential for a happier later life.

Why you might need a FormAL care chair

The thing is, that when looking for care chairs, you usually approach it from a problem-solving point of view. For many, it’s a case of simple mobility; if you can’t get around so well, a wheeled chair is a must.

But what if you also need a way to prevent sliding, as in the case of stroke or dementia patients? Can comfort still be a consideration when safety is at play? For those who require leaning or head support, other provisions need to be made.

Many conditions make weight bearing a difficulty, while the prevention of pressure sores is a concern for all. And, of course, maintaining dignity is always a must.

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6 Common Problems

When Trying to Achieve Comfort for the Elderly

FormAL care chairs have been designed to not only provide seating and support solutions for a range of physical needs, but also to provide comfort. Because who can be happy if they can’t, at the very least, sit comfortably?

Chairs to Assist
With Mobility

Mobility. It’s such a small word for everything that it represents. Mobility difficulties don’t just impact upon a person’s ability to move around, but on their ability to socialise, perform simple everyday tasks, and on a person’s perception of their own freedom. All of these things are vitally important for personal happiness.

While standard wheelchairs can help in a variety of circumstances, they don’t always provide the support necessary for evolving physical needs. FormAL care chairs can be adapted to individual circumstances, requirements and comfort. Even those considered ‘bedbound’ for safety reasons, where physical deterioration would ordinarily make chair use unsafe, can be accommodated in a specially adapted chair. No longer confined to their rooms, users regain the ability to explore other areas, share mealtimes and join in social occasions.

It marks the difference between life and quality of life. And that really matters.

Chairs to comfortably
prevent sliding

One of the most common problems experienced by the elderly or infirm when sitting is sliding. And this is isn’t just a matter of comfort but of safety. Because falls have the potential to cause serious injury and compound existing health conditions. It’s also frightening and for many, frustrating and degrading. Nobody enjoys feeling helpless, and that’s what a fall frequently engenders.

While chairs with restraints are available, they are far from comfortable. And not always safe. Felgains FormAL care chairs provide support to help maintain a comfortable posture and prevent slipping. This allows users to sit comfortably for longer without the worry of a fall, the discomfort of sliding, or the need for undignified handling from carers. It restores confidence as well as comfort. Which is what we all want in older age.

Find out how Felgains FormAL care chairs could help make life better for someone you love.

Chairs to support
posture and prevent

A wide variety of conditions can lead to people developing a leaning seated position, or necessitate head support while seated. This can be due to muscle imbalances, attempted pain relief, or medical conditions such as dementia or stroke. Whatever the cause of the lean, it’s important to provide support to help alleviate it, prevent it from becoming more pronounced, and improve overall quality of life.

Especially where head and neck support are required. FormAL care chairs can provide a range of solutions for both the home and the care facility environment. With comfortable, customised , structured head pillows and/or lateral support, our chairs help users maintain a healthy posture. This can, in turn, help to ease the pressure put on the body by weakening muscles and reduce other physical strains, making processes such as swallowing, breathing and digesting more comfortable.

Find out how FormAL care chairs could help make life better for someone you love.

Seating to support for
non-weight bearing

If you have lost the ability to bear weight, sitting, or attaining a seated position can be particularly difficult. Your existing chairs – whether at home or in a care environment – will no long answer your needs. They don’t provide the support you need while sitting, and they certainly don’t provide the support you need to move between sitting and standing.

FormAL care chairs offer adjustable features and inbuilt supports to reduce the pressure on the body while removing the weight from any affected areas. Tilting or rise and recline armchairs allow you to sit or get to your feet without risk of falling or putting unnecessary strain on other parts of your body. This is doubly important because many people experience ancillary injuries while trying to protect non-weight bearing limbs. This is entirely preventable with the right seating solution.

Find out how FormAL care chairs could help make life better for someone you love:

Chairs for pressure
sore prevention

Pressure sores are an entirely preventable by-product of reduced mobility. They are extremely painful and can lead to very serious health complaints, including cellulitis, bone and joint infections and sepsis. If you ever experience one, you’ll not forget it. And you’d never wish it on a loved one. That’s why it’s so important to provide pressure management solutions for anyone likely to be sitting or lying down for long periods of time. Pressure sores are formed when constant pressure is put on a part of the body. Blood flow is reduced, cells begin to die, and the skin breaks down.

The best way to avoid this happening is to avoid direct pressure. This isn’t always straightforward for those with health conditions which prevent regular and easy movement. That’s why FormAL care chairs have been designed to provide even weight distribution, facilitate movement, and provide extra padding for the bony bits that are most prone to the development of pressure sores. Because in the case of pressure sores, prevention is always better than cure.

Find out how FormAL care chairs could help make life better for someone you love

How the right care
equipment can assist
with patient dignity

It’s a sad fact that when you begin to develop health or mobility problems, regardless of your age, your sense of dignity is one of the first things to go. Medics poke you and prod you, well-meaning carers haul you around like luggage, you often need assistance with what most of us would consider as personal tasks, and you’re subjected to being manoeuvred round with hoists and goodness knows what else multiple times a day.

This is one of the reasons why a reduction in physical health is often linked to a decline in mental wellbeing. FormAL care chairs have been designed to help with this. Because if you can help yourself to sit and stand, it means that little bit more independence and, consequently, self-confidence. It reduces your need for assistance and enhances your sense of self-worth. This in turn allows you to retain your sense of dignity and stave off the low spirits that a complete reliance on others can bring.

Find out how FormAL care chairs could help make life better for someone you love.

Why FormAL?

When considering specialist seating and systems, there is a minefield of information and factors to consider, such as: Positioning, skin care and the environment. Size is a key feature to be considered too. If the specialist armchair is the wrong size, the product will offer inappropriate pressure relief and cause postural management issues.

The FormAL team focus on providing a personal, tailored service, making sure every loved one is able to sit comfortably in a seat which is perfect for them.

Working with the NHS, care home organisations, private individuals and healthcare professionals for over 40 years, the FormAL team focuses on posture and pressure care products.

The team is committed to providing the right solution for the user, putting them in the centre all the way through the assessment process, to maximise the fuctional outcome, to elevate quality of life.

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