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Free-up more beds

Using super efficient discharge planning

With 100% dedication and years of experience, FormAL designs bespoke hospital discharge packages, assisting with the most streamlined processes for patient discharges.

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Costs down, less days….

The challenge we face – how to reduce costs but deliver more?

When patients become discharge ready, so often delays are experienced sourcing relevant care packages, adapting of properties or assessing for equipment to ensure long term needs have been met and covered for the next phase of patient care.

Discharge planning teams are under immense pressure, arranging every aspect of patient discharge pathways, ensuring guidelines are met and care is not compromised.

What’s the impact?

“For people aged 80 years and over, 10 days spent in a hospital bed equates to 10 years of muscle wastage”

– NHS Website

There’s power in 3


Sometimes planning a discharge process is very time consuming and stressful,

Let’s keep this simple:

Reduce length of stay

Pre-planned discharge schemes has proved that discharge can happen much quicker and delayed discharges become a thing of the past.

Maintain efficiency

Making sure the scheme chosen is the right one to ensure long term care is a vital focus.  Regular touch points and reviews can be set up along the way to train, maintain and support.

Reduce re-admission

Meeting clinical needs is vital to prevent hospital re-admission.  Potential changing patient needs must be considered and an integral part of the plan

Reduce length of stay

Reducing the length of stay means that beds are freed up to maximise resources and space within the hospital for the best patient care. There must be real focus to the through-put of the patients for controlled and maintained levels of care at all times.

In order to make sure the care is well balanced with the length of stay, book a call with our experts to discuss a plan

Maintain Efficiency

Reducing the length of stay means that beds are freed up to maximise resourc

Efficiency refers to the minimum requirements and resources of a unit to be able to function at full capacity, and full care. These resources may include time, money or equipment. In order to keep the efficiency of a discharge unit high, make sure systems are in place for simple things like seating hygiene and equipment maintenance.

We can provide a full review of your systems and discharge processes to maximise efficiency in your unit. Book a virtual call today

Reduce Re-admission

It’s all about making sure patients are cared for in an individual way so that their needs are met. Otherwise, patients will have to be re-admitted, causing a greater need of beds in the hospital.

We can help reduce any re-admission to the hospital through introducing care and attention to the needs and requirements of your patients.

It’s all included, one package

Managing this whole process under one contract, supported by experts here at FormAL, from design & set up to on-going maintenance and tracking systems.

It couldn’t be simpler!

Clinical Support Input

Scheme Design / Proposal

White Glove Service

Clinical Reviews


Storage & Distribution

Clinical Support Input

At this initial stage, patients are discharge ready and medically optimised to be taken out of the acute care setting.  FormAL’s experts discuss the needs with the hospital therapists and the discharge planning team.  An assessment happens within hours of the initial referral.

Scheme Design Proposal

The next step is design and create the prescription around the individual patient’s needs, including postural support, pressure care requirements and functional needs, based on step 1.  FormAL creates this package and the solution is assembled ready for the discharge to be confirmed.

White Glove Service

This third step takes place once the destination address and discharge date has been confirmed.  The chair and equipment is taken to the address and set up.  Training is also offered to care staff and managers of the care home to ensure care delivery is maximized with appropriate equipment.

Clinical Reviews

We all change as life moves on.  This is where this critical step takes place as the needs develop and change, we must ensure the seating system is still appropriate, and providing the clinical benefits to the user.  On-going training is also delivered as staff change roles and departments.


Care equipment functioning at 100% efficiency, is the only standard.  Expectations must be met, and the care of each resident must be the best.  Our technical team will ensure we keep delivering the care levels you demand.

Storage & Distribution

As part of the patient discharge contracts, we include a sustainable solution for the delivery, collection, maintenance of the chairs as well as storage, as the fleet is moved around from patient to patient and resident to resident.  The maintenance of this program is essential to keep top efficiency to care.  Tracking the fleet is essential too enabling care organisations to monitor the flow of chairs at any one point.

Frequently Asked Questions

We often have questions for our hospital discharge service. Here are a few frequent ones, answered.

How quickly can I receive an assessment for my patient who is ready for discharge?

You can receive a assessment within 24 hours.

Please contact use using the form below for details

How do I know the chair provision will be meeting the needs of my patient?

A thorough and holistic joint assessment is carried out – an essential step in the process.

Can I be sure the staff know how to use the chair?

Yes, training is an integral step and is included as a standard part to any project.

How quickly can a chair be setup, at the patients new address and ready for use following discharge?

Within 24 hours.

Please contact us using the form below for more details.

Does the contract include maintenance back up support?

Yes, our own technicians on hand to support

Can the chair be adjusted for changing needs of patients?

Yes, our chairs are designed to adjust with changing needs, and we offer the service to assess this.

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