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The Felgains FormAL Express Range

News| 31st May 2018
Express Range - Careflex Hydrotilt Chair

Utilising more than 30 years of experience with the NHS and healthcare professionals, we are a premium supplier of posture and pressure care products and seating solutions. Our dedicated team work with care professionals, patients and family members to ensure the right seating solution and enhance quality of life for users of their specialist seating. […]

The Guide to Specialist Seating in the Care Home

News| 23rd April 2018
The Guide To Specialist Seating in the Care Home

Specialist seating involves correcting and accommodating postures, achieving stable positioning, alignment, and pressure area care. We have over 30 years’ experience servicing the healthcare industry. We cater to care homes and care facilities with real expert advice that you can count on. Let our team of Product Advisers support those in your care today. Our […]

Why is Pressure Care Management Important for Seating?

News| 27th March 2018
Why is Pressure Care Management Important for Seating?

The skin is the largest organ of the body and one of the most important. Not only does it act as a protect barrier from the outside environment, but it is critical in performing other functions such as temperature regulation and circulation. However, the skin can become damaged over time, if the necessary care and […]

Product Spotlight – Careflex SmartSeat Pro

News| 14th March 2018

Careflex SmartSeat Pro is a specialist seating solution designed for those in need of postural support and control from a chair. Our SmartSeat Pro can easily be adjusted in order to correct a position into mid-line or accommodate an asymmetric posture. It tends to be very flexible ensuring that any posture type and support can […]

What is Specialist Seating?

News| 6th March 2018
Specialist & Custom Seating

Specialist seating is all about positioning, alignment and pressure care. Considering aspects such as skin health and integrity, maximising user function, accommodating postural asymmetries and introducing postural alignment, will, in turn, increase comfort, decrease fatigue, and assist with breathing and digestion for the user of the seating. The aim of specialist seating is to provide […]

Effective use of Care Chairs

News| 24th January 2018

Five Facts on Effective Use of Care Chairs 1 – Leg Rest Ensure the leg rest is folded away before attempting a transfer to ensure you can get the service users as close to the chair as possible. 2 – Pelvis Ensure the service user’s pelvis is positioned to the back of the seat. 3 – Neutral Position Ensure the head and feet are […]

September Special Offer!

News| 26th September 2017

Our Align Anatomic Contour Cushion Now even more cost effective comfort! Our F9017 18 x 18 now just £42.00 excluding VAT until 29th September 2017 – No Minimum Order Value – No Carriage Charge About the Align Anatomic Contour Cushion – Anatomically shaped memory foam – Increased level of support and pressure distribution – Low […]

Special offers for pressure care management

News| 24th June 2017

Felgains FormAL are offering some special deals for a limited time on pressure care products as detailed above. Order now! Special offers end January 31st, 2017. The cushions are available in multiple sizes so please contact us for more details or to place your orders on or 01473 463900

5 Facts on Dementia

News| 21st April 2017

5 Facts on Dementia 1 – The total number of new cases of dementia throughout the world is 7.7 million which means there is a new case every four seconds. UK has 850,000 people living with dementia. 2 – Dementia costs the UK £26.3 billion s year. The NHS picks up £4.3 billion of the costs and […]

5 Fun Facts about Felgains FormAL


1 – We have an express range of seating which means fast delivery for you! 2 – The name FormAL is based around the latin word ‘Forma’ which means shape. 3 – Experts in pressure care management since 1988. 4 – We train care home staff which allows them to learn the specifics of our chairs as well as […]


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