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Gel cushion for chair

Align cushion gel for pressure relief represents quality and comfort. It’s about consistent care and support. This gel cushion features the viscoelastic gel which contains elastic properties. The manufacturers of this gel cushion designed this cushion to act as an enhancement to the other surfaces and to provide an escalated pressure without interfering with the user’s posture. Additionally, the gel for back pain offers a cooling effect to give the user the desired comfort. However, it is essential to note that the gel won’t be appropriate for hard surfaces. You can use this gel cushion on rise-recliner chairs or even wheelchairs.

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What is the Best Gel Seats Cushion?

The Align Gel cushion for chairs for pressure relief is one that your family will love and appreciate. This cushion has been designed with every user in mind. Whether you just want to sit or sleep, this Gel cushion for chairs will suit you perfectly. This cushion is very comfortable and affordable to fit within your budget range.

Apart from just providing comfort, the Gel cushion offers maximum support for users and reduces the pressure that may be exerted on the tailbone and the coccyx. This cushion is very flexible and will always maintain the shape even after a long time. That means that no more replacing cushions every time.

Do gel seat cushions work?

Gel seat cushion will come in handy to help relieve LBP in drivers who sit in a vehicle for longer periods of time.

You need to stop subjecting yourself to a lot of suffering by sitting uncomfortably in your home. These gel cushions will make you live a pain-free life. You can use these cushions in your home, at the workplace, in your office, desk or on the car seat and get the comfort you deserve. The gel cushion for chairs is light and easily portable. So that means that you can move around with this cushion without any hassles.

What is the best office chair cushion?

The Align cushion range is a relatively new brand but has almost 3 decades worth of experience behind it in the healthcare industry. The Align range is manufactured to the highest standards to offer flexibility and support to our customers and to ultimately provide the end-user with the best positioning and maximum comfort.

Sizes available

16" x 16", 17" x 17", 18" x 18"

Size Information

SWL 100kgs

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Key Features

Anatomically shaped memory foam
Integral gel providing high level pressure care
Increased level of support and pressure distribution
Four way stretch, wipeable cover
Features foam cushion
Non slip cushion base
Includes support cushion
Enables air circulation
Can be used on wheelchairs

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What our customers say

Many thanks for delivery of the chair … my mum is absolutely thrilled to say the least and finds the chair extremely comfortable
4th March 2020

Many thanks for delivery of the chair ... my mum is absolutely thrilled to say the least and finds the chair extremely comfortable.

-Private Individual

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