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The Hydroflex

The chair has been designed with the stroke and rehabilitation chair market in mind. With the existing WaterCell Tech pressure management system from the Careflex Hydrotilt, the product offers a comprehensive range of accessories, which means that the chair can accommodate specific postural requirements or form part of a rehabilitation programme. The chair comes as standard with the articulating back and adjustable wings offering exceptional support to service users who have limited head control. The WaterCell Technology comes as standard in the backrest as well as the seat offering pressure additional relief. Size Info: SWL 25 stone/155kg. The Careflex HydroFlex chair is a flexible chair that aids in integral pressure management needs, back angle recline, as well as combining an articulating back. You can use the chair to attain wide variety of positions using different comprehensive range of options and accessories. This means that the chair can allow for very specific posture adjustments. This chair is suitable for those with very complex or complicated posture needs. The advantage of using the Careflex HydroFlex chair is that it can correct specific posture challenges that may arise.

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How to use the HydroFlex Chair

Setting up a Careflex HydroFlex chair is quite straightforward. Below are some of the guidelines you can follow:

Seat Height of the Careflex HydroFlex Chair

The height of the seat will depend on the user’s needs. If the user is in a position to stand, it would help if you adjusted the seat so that their feet can touch the floor to reduce pressure that could be exerted on the user’s thighs.

Seat Width

The right width and the most recommended one is that which can support the pelvic stability  because it can always centrally align the spine. It is also important to note that you will need to allow for some space in which the user can adjust their position whenever they want to.

Seat Depth

You must ensure that you are preventing sacral sitting by all means by ensuring that your user weight is distributed evenly. Set the depth and make sure that the patient’s back rests on the back cushion.

Recline Angle

The recline is important because it will help to adjust the user’s hips. You can adjust to an upright position if the patient is eating. When the patient is resting, be sure to recline the back angle.

Leg rest

It is always recommended that you lower the foot rest before the user can move from the chair. Additionally, you can always elevate the leg rest depending on your patient’s needs.


It makes the patient stable and secure while distributing their weight evenly in the chair. Before you move the chair, make sure that your patient knows that you are moving the chair.

HydroFlex Maintenance

It is important that you regularly inspect the HydroFlex rehabilitation to see if there are any damages or repairs needed. Below is how you can do that:

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Prevent dampness of HydroFlex by placing the chair in a dry place
  • Avoid exposing the chair to direct sunlight
  • Regularly clean the chair to avoid stains
  • Make sure thatHydroFlex batteries are charged regularly

Used for?

  • Ambulant and non-ambulant
  • Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
  • People with high dependence
  • Individuals with motor neurone disease multiple sclerosis
  • Individuals with care motor neurone disease
  • People with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Hospital wards
  • By people with muscle weakness
  • Rehabilitation centers
  • Patients with spinal cord injury

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Key Features

This chair seat Manual and battery operation option
Optional regulated motion model to increase pressure care
Back angle recline
Length compensating legrest to enhance ultimate positioning of the calves and ankles
Option of built in lateral support system or adjustable lateral support system
Three seat widths available
Paediatric sizes available
Adjustable seat depth
Careflex watercell technology
Adjustable fold down footplate
Maximum user weight
Angle adjustable fold
Choice of backrest styles
Articulating head section
Features ergonomic push handle
User tilt in space
Choice of headrests
Elevating channel legrest
Features a push handle
4-Fully braked castors
Removable covers
Seat cushion
Articulating backrest The articulating backrest feature is quite helpful, especially for people who want to accommodate more complicated head positioning issues or kyphosis. Users can angle the top section of this seat to 35 degrees in just five simple steps, saving you time. WaterCell technology for Pressure Relief It also features the WaterCell tech to offer users the required pressure relief. Additionally, the WaterCell technology offers users a considerable low-pressure sitting. Lateral supports Users won’t have to worry about the positioning of this chair because it comes with pelvic positioning belts, lateral support pads, and a pommel.

What our customers say

I’ve just completed the payment for mums chair. It has made a great difference to her quality of life – thanks
8th October 2019

“I’ve just completed the payment for mums chair. It has made a great difference to her quality of life – thanks”

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