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Careflex HydroTilt

The Careflex HydroTilt is a specialist seating chair available in a variety of sizes – small, medium, and large sizes for seating solution for adults and children. It is flexible enough, and users can tailor it to meet their specific needs. You can always adjust the Careflex HydroTilt with a ton of accessories to match your different seating needs.

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Who Is Careflex For?

  • Semi-ambulant and non-ambulant
  • Frail and the elderly
  • Patients suffering from neurological conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke Dementia Frailty Pelvic
  • Patients suffering from Cardiovascular conditions
  • Patients suffering from Orthopaedic conditions
  • Can be used in hospitals, care homes
  • Depth encourages maximum support
  • For use in the pediatric units
  • Space improves pelvic stability
  • Can be used in schools
  • Home environment set up

How Can Careflex HydroTilt Help You?

  • You can reconfigure the waterfall back to create some space to allow the gluteal shelf, which should improve your posture, make sure pressure care, and limit you or the user from getting pushed in an anterior position while in the careflex hydrotilt chair.
  • You can help the user accommodate their lower limbs with the negative angle leg rest while ensuring that the knee is at the optimum flexion position while sitting on the careflex hydrotilt chair. This will also facilitate even distribution of user weight through the user’s feet. The negative angle foot rest also provides for a more stable place for your feet.

Product Description Of The HydroTilt

The Hydrotilt offers a very effective and modular solution when it comes to pressure management and postural support. The WaterCell Technology system provides a high-pressure care level with the added tilt-in-space mechanism to enhance its effectiveness.  The angle leg rest makes it easier to stand and ensures a comfortable seating position, especially for people with knee contractures or hamstring muscles.

The adjustable flip-up angle can accommodate fixed deformities and also help support the user’s foot.

The seat width and adjustable seat depth can be adjusted very simply within one frame, making the chair an ideal product for multi-user environments. The modular system means that the chair can be stripped down for hygiene and infection control—additional postural management accessories.

This chair offers more comfort than you can imagine. It offers backrest cushions, back support, and an adjustable lateral support option if you wish. The chair features a tilt-in-space feature, which makes sure that your hip and knee aren’t affected.

Size Info:

  • SWL 25 stone/155kg

The Careflex HydroTilt chair can be of help in several ways, just as we have illustrated above. It can be used in different environmental settings - from hospitals, schools, homes to pediatric units. You can directly order the chair from our website.

If you are finding difficulty ordering the Careflex chair by yourself, please contact us, and we will help you place your Careflex chair order in the fastest way possible, and we will do your Careflex chair delivery on time. In case you still need more information on this product (Careflex chair) before committing to buying it, please feel free to reach out to us through our website contact page, and we will do our best to get back to you.

Key Features

Manual and battery operated models available
High pressure relief as standard
Multi-directional stretch, breathable fabric on all contact areas as standard
Seat width and adjustable seat depth encourages adjusting within one chassis
Optional removable arm to assist with side transfers
Careflex includes choice of headrests
Optional contoured backrest
Features flip up footplate
Optional additional lateral supports
Integral wings to create head lateral support
Careflex is Hoist-friendly
Careflex features an optional tray
Pediatric sizes available

What our customers say

A great range of products, and lots of options too so seating isn’t just another piece of equipment but can be personalised to fit in with requirements.
9th February 2019

"A great range of products, and lots of options too so seating isn't just another piece of equipment but can be personalised to fit in with requirements."

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