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The Medior Chair

The Medior chair reduces risk of seating side effects and safely ensures the quick mobilisation of patients, whilst improving their psychological well-being.

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Improvement of vigilance/ patients awareness: Extension of mobilization time due to postponement of tiredness

Positive effect on patients orientation: Stimulation of senses and psychological stabilization by mobilization to the standing position.

Pneumonia prophylaxis, Improved breathing and increased ventilation, enhanced secretion mobilization, transport and clearance due the standing position

  • Pressure reduction on the respiratory system and organs through mobilization in the stand
  • Possibility of therapeutic respiration exercise: The consequence is a reduced formation of secretions and saliva, and thereby reduced suctioning. Usually less secretion releasing drugs are necessary.
  • Less need on antibiotics for pneumonia treatment

Prevention of pressure ulcer

  • The technique of “length compensation” reduces shear forces when moving the patient from a lying in a sitting position.
  • Seat and back cushions are made from visco elastic foam with pressure-reducing effect.

Support the treatment of dysphagia (swallowing disorder) due to the possibility of placing the client vertically and an appropriate sitting position.

An improvement in the passive joint mobility by reducing muscle stiffness and activating training

Osteoporosis prevention: Bone resorption is evident within one week if the patient is not mobilized.

Significant reduction of spastics through placing your client into a standing upright position.

Stimulation of cardiovascular functions: Increase in cardiac output and physical performance

Stimulation of metabolic function: improves bowel movement and urination.

Consistent use of the Mobilizer® Medior contributes significantly to the prevention of “Bed Rest”syndrome, in particular by avoiding secondary complications such as: Respiratory disorders (pneumonia and aspiration prophylaxis) Thrombosis and decubitus ulcers Heterotopic ossification, contractures Desalination, bone loss, neuromuscular atrophy and weakness and may result in a significant increase in efficiency in the treatment and care process.

Areas of application:

  • Intensiv medicine and care
  • Neurological early rehabilitation (e.g. phases B)
  • Palliative medicine and care

Key Features

Improvement of vigilance/ patients awareness
Positive effect on patients orientation
Improved breathing and increased ventilation
Prevention of pressure ulcer

What our customers say

Private individual
9th February 2018

"The care home where my father lives have confirmed it is all fine and they are very pleased with the Qimova Wheelchair – Mum and my brother’s family are off to see Dad on Monday and hopefully he will be sat in the garden – a huge uplift for all of us, so great to see him outside his room. He was a wonderful gardener and just being outside will be a treat."

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