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Specialist Seating with FormAL Medical


Modular accessories available
Tried and tested frame for ongoing durability
Will accommodate lower leg contractures
Will provide head support for complex head positioning
Can be used with most hoists and stand aids

Bariatric Riser Recliner

Backrest recline
Legs and feet
Adjustable leg rest elevation with independent strengthened scissor technology to support up to 190 kg.

Azalea Manual Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair

Electrically controlled tilt and recline
Backrest plate
Postural support cushions
Tension backrest with adjustable tension straps
Self-propelling rear wheels

C2 Porta

Two-way action and rise and recline
Allows regular repositioning
Effectively manages pressure care

Florien Elite

Gas-spring assisted tilt-in-space
Gas-spring assisted back angle recline with positional lock
Leg rest elevation
Adjustable seat width
Adjustable seat length

C1 Comfort- Bariatric Version

Leg rest elevation with 30 stone (190 kg) support capacity
Back rest recline
Rise to stand
Variable back rest with interchangeable back rest support

C1 Comfort

Manual adjustment
Leg rest elevation
Back angle recline
Multi-directional braked castors

The Norbert Chair

Length adjustment
Automatic seat tilt
Adjustable backrest
Removable upholstery

The AquAlign® Showerchair

Tilt in space
Backrest recline
Seat height adjustment
Height adjustable footplates

The Medior Chair

Improvement of vigilance/ patients awareness
Positive effect on patients orientation
Improved breathing and increased ventilation
Prevention of pressure ulcer

Align® Comfort Chair

Maximum comfort levels
Assists with pressure relief
Drop arms
Very compact foot print

Align® Tilta Chair

Tilt in space
Porter base with significant clearance
Compatible with hoists
Easily removable upholstery

Align® Ward Chair

Compact for ward use
Unique rear wheel system
Drop down armrest
Height adjustment

Align® Waiting Room Seating

Bespoke Solution
Unique to your specific environment
Dual seating
Variety of frames

Align® Sleeper Chair

3 relaxing positions
Extended footrest
Adjustable headrest
Easy to spread to sleeping position

Align® Porter Chair

Metal frame and durable base
Modern styling
Perfect for moving patients from ward to ward
Bespoke options available

Align® Recliner Chair

Wipeable covers
Durable foam to ensure comfort and durability
Available as a static base or small porter wheels
Careflex Hydroflex Chair

The Hydroflex

This chair seat Manual and battery operation option
Optional regulated motion model to increase pressure care
Back angle recline
Length compensating legrest to enhance ultimate positioning of the calves and ankles
Option of built in lateral support system or adjustable lateral support system

The Duo

Head -
Integral head support
Adjustable headrest angle
Back -
Adjustable backrest height and recline
Kirton GE11 Chair

Kirton G2 Chair

Built-in pressure care options
Evidence-based articulating, supportive backrest
Unique helical-motion lateral supports
Immersive comfort in seat and back aiding pressure management
Length compensating legrest design

Kirton Omega Chair

Robust, durable metal construction with modular back, arm and seat components
Linked gas-action back and seat recline
Large castor wheels for ease of manoeuvrability
Ergonomically positioned push handle

Kirton Florien II Chair

Optional Intelligel to seat module offering high level pressure care
Negative legrest angle achievable
Thoracic support system available
Headrest options
Range of seat sizes
Kirton Stirling Chair

Kirton Stirling Chair

Cost effective system
Safe seating position
Fixed tilting angle provides basic postural support increased safety
Ideal for hospital bedside use
Headrest options

Careflex HydroTilt

Manual and battery operated models available
High pressure relief as standard
Multi-directional stretch, breathable fabric on all contact areas as standard
Seat width and adjustable seat depth encourages adjusting within one chassis
Optional removable arm to assist with side transfers

Careflex SmartSeat Pro Chair

Tilt-in-space for posture and pressure care management
Unique four-part back
Multi-adjustable backrest
Back Angle Recline
Built-in adjustable wings